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We are a team that have worked with vulnerability scanners for years, and now, we've decided that is time to work in other side, protecting web applications from hackers and bots.

  • Hide sensitive information and fingerprints from your CMS (wordpress, joomla, drupal, magento)
  • Detects brute force attack and block the attacker IP address
  • Protects against SQL Injection, XSS, and other vulnerabilities

"What hackers, scanners, and bots do in common when target your site ? They try to get all available infomration, like version, themes, plugins, users, and other in order to find vulnerabilities. The ultimate anti-hacker technology protects your site from malicious actors, ensuring your application remains secure for good ones."

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Happy Clients can sleep peacefully and run their business without worrying about hackers.

Protections Complete set of protection technology to keep your business safe.

Years of experience detecting vulnerabilities protecting users and business.

Awards zero cybersecurity incidents with our customers due CMS vulnerabilities so far.

Support to fix vulnerabilities

If you dont know how to fix a cyber security problem in your business dont worry, our specialists will help you to do what is necessary.


Our specialists can do a deep analysis of your infrastructure and look for vulnerabilities in your business. We will scan/verify OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities and much more.


Clients that are using Anti-Hacker technology in their sites

Mary Jay

Freelancer Last News Blog

We had problems with hackers in the past. Now we believe that our site is safe.

ThaĆ­s Murbach

CEO & Founder Fatha Comunica

Easy to use, only need to upload and activate in my site.

Emilio Simoni

CEO & Founder TechSecurity

We have used WP Anti-Hacker in out cyber security blog for a while and we are very happy with the results. No more vulnerability scanners messing with our work.


CMS Anti-Hacker


$19 / Yearly

  • Block Vulnerability Scanner
  • Hide Version
  • Hide Users
  • Hide plugins and themas
  • Disable XML-RPC
  • HTTP Header protection
  • Brute force

For Agencies - 99 sites

$399 / Yearly

  • Block Vulnerability Scanner
  • Hide Version
  • Hide Users
  • Hide plugins and themas
  • Disable XML-RPC
  • HTTP Header protection
  • Brute force

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Wordpress Anti-Hacker plugin in my site ?

To install Wordpress Anti-Hacker In your site is simple. After download the you need to extract if inside your plugins folder, that usually is "wordpress-folder"\wp-content\plugins.

Is Autonomous Ethical Hacking a vulnerability scanner ?

No, Autonomous Ethical Hacking is not a scanner. It's much smarter and more complete. Autonomous Ethical Hacking is a system based on the behavior of PenTesters, emulating their steps, adapting according to what is found, in addition to being operated by a specialist in cybersecurity.

What is the cyber security risks related with plugins and themes enumeration ?

Plugins and themes enumeration refers to the process of discovering the names and versions of plugins and themes used by a website. This information can be used by attackers to find known vulnerabilities in the plugins or themes and exploit them to gain unauthorized access to the website or its underlying systems.

What is brute-force attack ?

A brute-force attack is a type of cyber attack where an attacker systematically tries many different combinations of login credentials (e.g., username and password) in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to a system or service. The attacker uses automated software to generate and test large numbers of possible combinations until the correct credentials are found.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we do. To see more information about our Refund Policy please click there .

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AHT Security

AHT Security is a company specializes in anti-hacker technology to protect your business. Our team are composed by security researchers, pentesters, and infrastructure specialists. We can protect your business and help you to fix your cyber security issues.

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